Never Lose Sight Of Your Goals

miviva provides one place for everyone to manage their goals — set them, track progress against actual results, capture feedback, and evaluate performance — so you can keep focused and achieve what you’re striving for.

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When people have clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely,
everyone feels more comfortable, and more work gets done.

Josh Bersin,Becoming irresistible: A new model for employee engagement Deloitte Insights, January 2015

Set Goals & Objectives

Create any type of goal including personal, orgaizational, team, department, etc. Assign ownership and identify contributors. Set due dates, priority, visibility. Categorize and tag goals for reporting.

Track Progress

Use data-driven metrics from any system to measure progress towards a target value or track the completion of milestones to gauge progress.

Provide Coaching & Feedback

Utilize in-goal conversations for recognition and to deliver both public and private feedback. Carry over manager and employee comments to performance appraisals.

Align Goals With Competencies

Establish a competency based approach by defining criteria for success and establishing goals to measure achievement.

Connect People To The Vision

Allow everyone to see the plan and make the connection to how their work ties in to organizational outcomes. Give meaning to the work and inspire the best results.

Enhance Performance Appraisals

Eliminate tedious data collection tasks, seed your performance appraisals with job and goal data directly from Miviva. Make fact-based decisions an easy reality.

Focus On Priorities

Miviva eliminates confusion, provides clarity, and channels effort to what matters most.

Offer A Clear Line Of Sight

Miviva allows users to look at goals up, down, and across the organization. Transparency and the ability to align goals from top down or bottom up drives employee engagement, aligns effort with organizational strategy, reduces redundancy, and enforces accountability.

Provide Continuous Coaching & Feedback

Miviva provides the context for regular, meaningful check-ins on employee progress towards goals and personal development. It features a contemporary way to capture on-going feedback across the organization. Enhance the quality and efficiency of performance appraisals.

Monitor Key Results

Miviva quantifies progress with tangible measures of achievement in the form of milestones and data-driven metrics ( from any 3rd party source), providing valuable insight into performance and supporting fact-based decisions.

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