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Understanding Resistance To Change

In the realm of change, resistance often stems from a fundamental human response, and comprehending its underlying levels is key to overcoming it effectively. Rick Maurer, change management expert and author, breaks down three of the major reasons people push back against change. Level 1 - I Don't Get It At this level, resistance relates to the lack of information, disagreement with data, inadequate exposure to critical information, or confusion about what the change [...]

4 Steps to Rolling Out New Technology

Change can be challenging, even when it's beneficial or crucial. As HR professionals, it's our responsibility to guide our teams through transitions and ensure they embrace new initiatives with open arms. In this blog post, we'll explore some strategies to help you roll out changes smoothly and gain the support of your employees. 1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate One of the key elements in any successful change management strategy is effective communication. Here's how you [...]

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Competencies – what are they, why do they matter?

Hey there, fellow HR professionals! 🤝 Today, we're diving into the intriguing world of competencies. But, before you start thinking this is just another corporate jargon, stick with us. Understanding competencies is like having a secret superpower that can transform your organization. Let's get started! What Are Competencies? Competencies are a fancy word for skills, knowledge, and behaviors employees need to perform their jobs effectively. Think of them as the magical ingredients that turn [...]

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Time Well Spent: Mastering SMARTER Goals, Milestone, and Action Items

Time Well Spent: Mastering SMARTER Goals, Milestones and Action Items Paradoxically, the busier you are and the grander your goals, the more meticulous planning becomes necessary. This article will explore: the invaluable practice of setting SMARTER goals breaking them down into major milestones further dissecting them into actionable items. As you’ll discover, this structured approach can be a game-changer for busy professionals aiming to achieve their loftiest objective. Step 1: Setting SMARTER Goals To [...]

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Metric vs. Milestone Goals: Choosing the Right Path for Success

Metric vs. Milestone Goals: Choosing the Right Path for Success Within miviva, users can create goals using two methods: milestone goals and metric goals. While both serve the purpose of driving progress and improvement, they have distinct characteristics and are suitable for different scenarios. This article will explore the difference between these two types of goals and provide examples of when to use each. Metric Goals: Measuring Quantifiable Outcomes Metric goals are all about [...]

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How We Do Business – It’s Changing

How We Do Business is Changing Considering what's ahead At the 2020 World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, leaders from around the world discussed pressing global issues. Along with themes like Saving the Planet and Healthy Futures, were business themes including Tech for Good and Better Business. (See the link below1 if you would like to watch highlighted sessions.) In collaboration with Forbes, WEF published interesting articles on diverse topics, a number [...]

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Employees Want a Coach

Everyone's talking about it Coaching: a business buzz word The need for managers to be good coaches is a topic frequently seen in articles ranging from employee engagement to business best practices to trends to watch. Surveys like O.C. Tanner’s 2018 Global Culture Report indicate that increasingly, coaching is what employees want. (79% of millennial workers want a coach or mentor rather than a traditional boss.) They aren’t interested in annual performance reviews or being [...]

How to Mitigate Risk from Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

The Cost of Wrongful Termination Lawsuits On average defending wrongful termination costs between $125,000 - $235,000 And, if you think that only large organizations get sued, you’d be wrong. Over 40% of employee lawsuits involve small, private companies. They can also happen anywhere, even in states with “at will” employment. And it’s not just the money; it’s productive time lost from all employees involved in the case. It takes 318 days to resolve the average [...]

Are Performance Reviews Really Dead?

Not dead, just changing Annual performance reviews look to the past When you hear “performance review,” the annual variety is what often comes to mind. Those are on the way out. I mean, how clearly do you remember what happened a year ago? Even with notes. And why be looking backwards at past performance? Performance reviews should focus on the future! The movement away from annual performance reviews began years ago. In 2015, major companies [...]

Great Goals Drive Employee Engagement

Employee engagement matters The research The research is in and reflects common wisdom about engaged employees: they’re essential to organizational success. 71% of people surveyed in a Harvard Business Review report agreed. It’s no secret that people who feel valued by and connected to their organization are more productive than those who don’t. It’s also no secret that employee engagement hovers around 33%. You may be good at hiring folks who fit your company goals [...]